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Líbí? - hledej v [KATALOGU]


Can be accepted through our I-SHOP, E-Mail.

When order is successfully accepted, you will get order confirmation.

We have a minimum order limit stated at amount of 300, - EUR / or 370, - USD.

Delivery terms:

Goods will be dispatched as soon as possible, usually by post.
They are furnished step by step in their time consequences. Another way of transport (by Air, another transporter - GebrüderWeiss Spedition, FedEx) can be requested, you must state it in your order. If your order is done via our I-Shop, you can strike the way of delivery and stated details (e.g. the type of transporter).

We can offer the cheapest way of transport, if you want. You can divide your order into separate parts, which should be dispatched by different means of transport (by surface mail and/or by air). We calculate a handling charges in amount of 0,50 EUR/ 1 pack If another type of transport is requested, some extras (handling charges) must be also expected - they are usually paid when goods is picked up at destination. We are not able to find out these charges, that is why these charges will not be included in the invoice. You will be informed when the order is shipped, if we know your e-mail address.

Transport charges:

If the order is dispatched by usual post service (surface, ParAvion), the Czech Post Office charges will be included. If another transporter is chosen (GebrüderWeiss, or another one), its charges are calculated. We can inform you about these charges before shipping, if you need it. GewbrüderWeiss Spedition service is used as standard and their prices are calculated.


Every payment must be done before shipment of the any order. It can be done via bank transfer on our bank account, you can get invoice by e-mail or fax. The original issue of the invoice is included in every consignment. The payment by credit cards (VISA, Euro Card-MasterCard) is also possible - it accelerate the process quite significantly. In any case, any payment request is carry out in our national currency (Czech crowns) and it is done in accordance with topic daily exchange rate - so the resultant amount can be somewhat different just in accordance with this rate.
Please note that with the card payment of sums over 1 300,- EUR or 1 400,- USD we have to add 2% of the invoiced amount of money to cover additional bank fees.
Other ways of the payment is by post voucher, by cash (it can be sent as valuables).


We must get the total amount in full, and it cannot be shortened in any case, due some bank charges, for example.

If credit card is used, be sure that you have foreign payment permitted. Any invalid payment attempt increases the expenses and prolongs the terms. Check validity of your credit card data.
You are not allowed to fill these data in the entry registration form in our I-shop due security reasons.
You should print your order, fill these data concerning your credit card and send it via fax +420 387 220 085.


If you detect any problem (some damages, incompleteness), contact us immediately and describe the problem.
If your claim is right, the replacement will be sent without any charges and within some 10 days after reception of the consignment.

Every consignment is checked before its shipping for completeness and the confirmation is added into the last pack of the consignment. If any fault arises due wrong order (the doubled items or so, for example), it is not the reason for the claim.

Topic prices:

Valid prices are published in our I-Shop section of the WEB, you will be informed about all changes.
As standard, the prices from the date of the order are valid.

All orders are advantaged by volume discount, the list (table) of which will be declassified when the successful registration is done.
report catalogue i-shop gallery war gallery awards our partners review about firm contact

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